The Ultimate Guide to Website Redesign Process


First of all reviewing as much information as is available in terms of the web site’s performance. Statistics taken such as which pages are most popular, which pages visitors often leave your website from, the prominence of various pages, the common operating system/web browser and screen resolutions of your visitors and so on. The way that design elements are implemented and their effect on the websites search engine performance, cross-compatibility, and other important factors which can literally make or break a web site’s performance are also examined.


After research I consults the clients regarding their findings – listening to their ideas and reasons for wanting a website redesign, while contributing ideas and suggestions based upon our research. Usually clients interested in redesigning their website already have some ideas of what they like and don’t like about their web site’s design, layout and/or structure and what they are looking to change. Our experts discuss clients’ desires, align them with their findings and suggestions, and prepare for a proposal and quote that will guide us forward.

Review & Approval

I take reviews if needed and then seek final approval for the project. Depending on the size, programming and nature of the website which is being redesigned we will provide various means of keeping our clients involved throughout the redesign process.


Once approval from client I start the implementation into the existing website in the most seamless and efficient way possible – outlined step by step in our proposal. Either the way, our experts are very aware of the importance of seamless integration and thus apply our changes in a way that will have the least impact on the website and its visitors.

Published by Jayanti Solanki

Web development is my first love. Over the last 14+ years, I have developed an array of websites.

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